Our cuisine

Our cuisine is based on seasonal and authentic seafood. A cuisine designed and created to enhance the territory, the raw materials, the local wild herbs and the very products of our gardens, which all take in the salty aromas and scent of the sea.

Over time it has been transformed, moving from a loving grandmother’s cuisine to a careful and respectful contemporary cuisine. For us, cooking is concreteness and harmony, balance and contrast of flavors, simplicity and exploration. To exalt that genuine and ancient flavor, to reconnect it with its territory of origin, its natural habitat, and to imprint it in the memory of those who try it.

This is our concept of cuisine: respecting the territory and the sea from which we take only what is willing to give us, enhancing local knowledge and flavors while succeeding in telling through our dishes all the simplicity, beauty and authenticity of the Gargano.

Enjoying lunch or dinner on one of our verandas by the sea will be like living in a dream. We take care of every little detail; the ambiance, the furnishings, the lighting, the mise en place. They all have the same value for us as the ingredients that make up our dishes. And even during a sea storm, our large windows will guarantee the excitement of eating safely even in the middle of a storm.

The Chef

Domenico, our chef does not just cook. Everything is first thought-out, indeed thought-out, to find the balance and harmony that each flavor must have with its context, the landscape and the moment when it will be enjoyed. Care, usage of the abundant fish that live in the Adriatic Sea and the few ingredients that enhance each other are what characterizes his cuisine.

For Domenico, being a chef means observing, to enhance everything around us. It means going overseas to learn about new cultures, new flavors, new influences. It means being able to look beyond and innovate while respecting tradition. The harmonies and contrasts, the assonances and oxymorons, the sweet and the salty: in our cuisine we procure that everything tends to preserve and enhance that authentic, genuine and typically Mediterranean flavor.