The Aperitif

Al Trabucco

“A unique excitement, two times a day.”

The area of our restaurant located on the rocks, the one  most exposed to the sea waves, is dedicated to our not to be missed aperitif. A Gargano summer ritual that is repeated daily from April to September two times a day: from 11:30 am until lunch, and at sunset (from 6 pm until evening falls).

If during the day, between a dip in the sea and some sun, you want to treat yourself to a light break then this is the place to be: suspended between the sky and the sea. In the shade of bamboo, you can enjoy our small kitchen dedicated to fish in “tapas style,” our Mediterranean blends prepared by our bartender Elia and his staff, and an ice-cold Gargano Beer devised by Vincenzo.

When the sun wraps the warm waters of the Adriatic and the breeze blows from the sea, the sky becomes almost elemental in beauty and the air becomes electric.  In those moments, the only thing you crave is a good drink and some music. And then the chats, smiles, kisses. A good glass of wine and the freshest raw seafood: a unique thrill, a date with the sun that you can’t miss.